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What We Can Do For You

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What we do different from other web site builders & multi up loaders.

We own premises.com.au and all of these lead generating sites to promote your own website and CRM system in realoffice.com.au to supply you with even more leads.

We rank on the first page for over 7,000 town names in Australia generating more traffic for our customers real estate web sites.

Instant Property Valuation Requests - we have info on over 50% of every property in Australia.

Your Own Website will have an instant valuation button, running 24/7 which gives the enquirer instant valuations surrounding their address. This is emailed to you and the enquirer immediately letting you know this person is interested in doing something and gives you a conversation point to introduce yourself and obtain the listing. All requests are automatically loaded into your CRM for action.

Sales Grabber. (Vendor Report) Taken from our data at no extra cost.

A report for a potential listing is generated to obtain a listing.

  • Using Real Office Fill out the fields, including vendor's name and address.
  • The system then generates a 4 page report showing the property with photos.
  • (page 2) 5 local properties currently listed for price comparison,
  • (page 3) 5 properties recently sold in the area so the vendor can see what price was obtained.
  • (page 4) a table of price's in the area and a trend graph over time.

Lead Grabber - Automatically loads all your enquiries into the CRM from all your sites saving you time. Including realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and all free portals.

We use a unique method to upload to RealEstate.com.au which gives you, a Green and Red Indicator for every property (Green being it's active on RealEstate.com.au also a direct link to the REA listing saving heaps of time looking). We also have send to top to refresh a listing.

Proximity Points are local points of interest surrounding the property for sale. These are automatically added to your property display on your website from Google local data.

Vendor Client Manager + Document Vault is a storage facility, that is password protected where you can deposit, Contracts, agreements against every individual property. You can also allow an external party to access the individual property Vault, and not see anything else in your account.

News Letter is sent from the CRM and you can control what properties your customer views there is no limit on the use or number of properties displayed. You also have a large area to add specific information.

Notes Allows you to write notes against every property which are Time and Date stamped.

Compare - press this button against a property and it gives you the current listings in the area on the market with values.

QR Code Prints out the QR Code for a sign, laminate it and place it in front of the property.

Face Book Share - Automatically places the properties on Face Book. You need a security certificate on your website and the software on face book, to have every property automatically display, like All For Sale & For Rent see http://www.re20.com.au/real-office-prices-costs-charges

Search All Facility - You can search your entire account from one location for anything.

Your site is hosted in Sydney not overseas and you are allocated a dedicated IP address that means all your domain names point to the IP address and you are the only organisation on that IP address, 99% of our customers rank on the first page. To check your site go to www.realcheck.com.au, enter your domain name without the www. then press check.

Free Technical Support on the services we provide, and we have been doing this for 15 years.

All your domains are hosted with 4 name servers 3 in Australia and USA for world wide distribution even China.