Real Estate News Letters

Image of Real Estate News Letters
Our Newsletter comes as a standard inclusion, taking only minutes to create in the database and less time to send out.

The Newsletter format offers flexibility so you can tailor your newsletter to an individual client, whatever you have in the system. Promote special offers or quick Newsletters on special deals plus new listings. Any property that is ticked as a Feature Property will display in the lower area of the Newsletter.

You can select the contacts who are to receive the Newsletter by ticking the box beside their name in the Contact Management area of the database. You can also filter the list of contacts by selecting their Property Requirements in the lower section of the form.

The Newsletter also incorporates statistics which record when the newsletter email is opened and if the recipient has clicked through to a property. Also total views, total unique views, daily averages etc so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

The basic newsletter format is designed with your logo and company details in the banner, however if you wish for a minimal once only fee of $88.00 incl. GST we can customise the design to your requirements.

Eliminate the hassle and additional cost of creating and sending email newsletter campaigns by doing it easily and effectively yourself. Based on our single Point of Data Entry, once the property details have been entered your administrator will enjoy its simple to use application. We have customers who send out over 10,000 emails per campaign with impressive sales results.