Real Estate CRM - Vendor/Client Manager

Image of Real Estate CRM - Vendor/Client Manager
Have you been looking for the ultimate Customer Relationship Management solution, specifically created for the Real Estate industry? Real Office now provides the answer with our latest module - Client Manager.

Designed FOR Real Estate agents BY Real Estate agents, Vendor Manager holds all your contact information in one easily accessible, online location finally allowing sales agents to get out from behind their desks to confidently work ON their business rather than IN their business.

Client Manager will achieve the following results for you:
  • Automatically remind you of upcoming appointments/anniversaries/expiry dates etc
  • Track processes from start to finish
  • Quickly show a full time/date specific history of every contact made with Vendors, Buyers, Landlords, Tenants including every Letter, Email, Newsletter's sent!
  • Match buyers/properties or send letters Newsletters to your entire database with just a few easy clicks on your computer.
  • Networks and Managers have total assurance corporate/brand standards are totally adhered to with prescheduled, fully approved correspondence being sent to clients.
  • Put YOUR AGENCY in front of your customers as often as you want
  • Use the information you have to your maximum advantage meaning your business is proactive rather than reactive.
The automated processes provided by our Vendor Manager will make you look good in your client's eyes time after time after time - resulting in more commission dollars for you