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  1. New server edition for networks/groups is now available for sale or lease as an integrated hardware and software solution for managing entire networks with dedicated IP capability.
  2. We have an extremely advanced back end management system where you administer the properties you have for sale, lease or rent we have both Residential and Commercial Databases - both are included in the standard package.
    1. Add text in many font styles sizes and colours and format your descriptions the way you want them
    2. Property Displays - select from a number of available property displays
    3. When property address is displayed a Location Map is automatically included on the Property Display with options for Satellite, Map and Street View.
    4. Add property details for Open for inspection
    5. Select unlimited properties as Feature Properties
  3. Contract - There is no contract, you only need to give 30 days notice.
  4. Print Property Lists - print out property summary PDF's for Sales, Auctions, Rentals, Holiday, Sold and Leased properties,
  5. Portal Upload - Subscribers to can upload properties in real time directly without an XML feed system. Properties are also uploaded to a number of other portals without charge. Click here to read details about single entry upload to all portals.
  6. Tell Me First- Potential buyers are able to register by completing a form on a website and enter a property description of the property they are looking for. Upon submitting the form buyers are opting to have regular property details sent to them based on the property description that they specified. When a property becomes available that matches what a buyer is looking for they are sent a description of the property
  7. Buyers Waiting - Show vendors how many potential buyers are waiting for properties with given specifications to go on the market! All enquiries derived from the "Tell Me First" area of the database in addition to records of telephone enquiries and enquiries by visitors to the participating real estate office are channelled into the Buyers Waiting database system.
  8. Tell Me SMS - A property code is added to a For Sale sign together with and SMS number - Information in the form of an SMS message is sent back to the querying mobile phone, delivering a description of what the property features are. The real estate agent automatically receives a record of the enquiry together with the mobile phone number used for the sms.
  9. Client Database & Newsletter System - A contact relations manager complete with email news letter so you can keep your customers up to date with all your listings. Send Emails with properties that match the clients requirements. Newsletters are set up to include any property that is selected as a Feature Property and can be published to all email addresses selected in the Client Database
  10. Create team real estate agent profiles with photos and text of all your staff and keep them up to date yourself.
  11. Create and update customer testimonials on your website about how good your company is in handling real estate.
  12. DIY Pages - These are pages you change yourself as much as you like and is as simple and easy as using a word document - you can have as many as you like just specify at the time of ordering your site or you can have this feature added at a later date.
  13. TV - Video to your website and property displays simply load the video file into the data base - designed for sound and video files.
  14. Printed Resources - For an additional monthly fee agents can use this database development that enables participating members to create high resolution brochures and window display cards sourced directly from the property display information uploaded into the database
  15. Statistics - Complete details of how many unique visitors to your web site and by property with full graphical presentation to show your vendors how there property is performing.
  16. Event Viewer - Lists properties uploaded/edited and sent to and
  17. Support - Detailed description of how to use the database is available online plus assistance via email and phone.
  18. NEW - Vendor Management package, Marketing, Communication/Reporting - this provides a comprehensive, easy to use management package for real estate offices

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